Deer Resistant Landscaping in New Jersey

deers-resistance Deer are definitely a problem for gardeners, but if the proper plants are used  in a good landscape design an attractive garden can be safeguarded. Deer resitant plants must be used but focal points and hardscape should be incorprated to the maximum. Arbors, gazebos, pergolas, gates, fences, walls , benches, paths all add to the design and interest and are obviously “deer resistant”. Other features that are effective are moveable weather vanes and mobiles as well as lily ponds, birdbaths, birdhouses and statues.

Deer always like an escape route and usually will not enter an enclosed area, especially one paved of stone where traction is difficult.

Some plants that deer are not attracted to are:

Umbrella Pines for a beautiful evergreen focal point

Rhododendron maximum for late spring bloom and evergreen leaves

Rhododendron PJM or Olga for bright blooms

Kerria japonica for yellow spring color

Weigela for varigated leaves and spring blooms

Pacific black and blue Salvia for tall blue annual

Cleomes for tall pink and white annual blooms

Coleus for unusual colorful leaves – annual

Any and all Herbs

Boxwoods for formality, winter interest and ability to be pruned and kept neat

Mountain Laurels (Kalmia Latifolia) for leaf texture, height, colorful pink blossoms ( in early June)

Andromedas (Pieris Japonica) for early white flowers in spring, evergreen leaves, colorful new growth in summer

Skimmia Japonica for evergreen leaves: the male has large leaves, white blossoms; females stay low, compact and have red berries in the winter

Deutsia Gracilis is a small deciduous shrub with charming white flowers 

Daffodil Bulbs planted in the fall for spring flowers


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