Hardscape, Terraces & Patios


Terraces, patios, driveways, steps, paths, walls and entrance stoops must be incorporated into the complete outdoor living space. Size, shape and materials must compliment the home as well as the entire landscape design.

The entrance to one’s home, which often includes the driveway, must be welcoming and inviting. The plantings should have year round interest. The back entrance is as important as the front and should also have a comfortable walkway and pleasing steps.

Usually a terrace or deck is in the back of the house. The appropriate size, shape and the materials – stone, brick or decking – must all be considered. Sometimes a seating wall is appropriate to provide enclosure as well as extra seating. Convenience to the kitchen and the barbecue is important as well as sun and shade. The views of the hardscape from the windows must always be considered. A water feature , such as a recirculating  birdbath or lily/ koi pool are fun for all ages.

For a focal point on a large property a terrace with a swing , bench or umbrella and chairs can be charming from a distance and can also be a destination. A seating area for “moms” near a play area such as a  swing set, basketball court, or putting green is also nice so everyone can have a good time.

All hardscape areas must have attractive and appropriate landscape plantings. 


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